How to Analyze Brand Effort

The main challenge with every brand awareness activity is how to know how far it moved the needle. Polarbeam's experts are here to help you sort it out.

When launching an influencer campaign, or any other offline advertising effort, the goal is to increase your brand awareness and ultimately increase downloads of your application.

The examples vary: It could be a billboard in a popular location, a TV advert, a well-known Youtuber, or Christiano Ronaldo playing your game on twitch.

The challenge however is to measure the results. With YouTubers you can evaluate the clicks but what about all the people taking a mental note and then searching for your application?

Organic search is the main metric to analyze and Polarbeam allows you to do just that for any desired time frame.

here’s more from our VP Consultancy Esther Shatz:

And in this short video, Elad Baron, Polarbeam’s Senior Client Services Manager, is showing how it’s done on Polarbeam.

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About Elad Baron
Elad spends his life translating business challenges to tech solutions, and has been consulting for more years than he cares to admit for industry juggernauts of all sorts like Playtika, Teva, and David Lloyd. While Elad can list other fancy bio-relevant things (like his MBA and Honors BSC in computing), his daughters would like you to know that his language skills are adequate at best. When not working, child-rearing, or screaming obscenities at whatever team is playing against Chelsea, you can find Elad watching only movies with nauseatingly uplifting happy endings. It's not him in this picture.